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WASH is an acronym for “Water,” “Sanitation” and Hygiene.” The WASH concept is used in the international development field to refer to initiatives aimed at equitable and accessible water and sanitation for all particularly, girls and women.

Addressing these topics successfully has shown to have a positive effect on improving health, student learning, life expectancy and disease prevention while enhancing living standards, gender equality, education, and health awareness.

United Nations and WASH

In 2015, a set of targets were outlined and agreed to by 193 countries in the United Nations Sustainable Goals (SDGs) Charta. Goal 6 of the SDGs aims to, “ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.”

Jambo For Development WASH Projects

Jambo For Development launched its first complete WASH pilot project in 2019 to 5 primary schools and can report positive effects in the schools and around communities in the Kagera Region. With the success of the pilot project, Jambo For Development has decided to scale up her efforts to more schools in Kagera region so that children can have access to safe clean water, improve health, sanitation and enhance better learning environment.

WHY WASH in schools?

  • 40% of diarrhoea cases in children are from transmission in schools moderately than homes
  • 443 million school days are lost each year due to water-related diseases
  • Diarrhea is the second biggest killer of children under five years old worldwide
  • An estimated 1/3 of school-aged children are contaminated with intestinal worms. Hence tend to miss school regularly.

Jambo For Development is focusing on measures of prevention to improve health and sanitation and reduce the spread of disease. We aim to empower children and the whole community to address this issue.


Integrated life-skills based education that focuses on key hygiene & health behaviour’s using participatory teaching techniques

  • Construction of rain harvesting water tanks
  • Provision of water filters to provide safe water for drinking
  • Provision of hand-washing stations with soap
  • Construction of improved f pit latrines facilities
  • Outreach to children’s parents through community meetings
  • Conducting of WASH workshops

By using the available resources and WASH education we bring positive changes and long-term results to schools and beneficiaries in Tanzania.

Our Goal

Escalating our WASH project to more schools by equipping the pupils, teachers, health officers and communities with the right training for behavioural change and improved facilities.

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